Cotton Coated Conspiracy

Book One: John McFerren's Word

In Cotton Coated Conspiracy, Book One: John McFerren's Word, true-crime enthusiasts are treated to a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most enigmatic players in the MLK assassination, Mr. John McFerren. As the result of a six-year investigation, every detail of what Mr. McFerren saw and heard from 1967 to 1968 is outlined within this compelling narrative. Did James Earl Ray work in Memphis in 1967 for a man named Frank C. Liberto? Who was paying James Earl Ray throughout his year-long journey? Was Memphis or neighboring Fayette County the home to any potential conspirators? In this jaw-dropping first installment in the Cotton Coated Conspiracy book series, readers are given the essential bread crumbs to come to their own incredible conclusions.


Ernest Withers and the FBI - The Confidential Informant Files

Volume One & Volume Two

According to the original report dates, Clear Lens Publishing, LLC. has organized all of the government files regarding Ernest Withers' work as an FBI confidential informant.

Beginning with Volume One, a book spanning a period from March 1960 to September 1961, every volume contains exact copies of the FBI's declassified pages just as they were released to the National Archives in Washington D. C.

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